Bond Women’s Festival

If you're a fan of women's empowerment and bringing together communities, don't miss the Bond Women's Festival coming to Chiang Mai, Thailand on January 19th, 2019 at Promenada Meadow, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Women and men are invited to join a day of events focused on women entrepreneurship, empowerment, and expression.
In the evening, the event turns into a music festival with a lineup of all female DJs.
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"Join #bondwomensfestival for a motivating day with a like-minded purpose: to empower women in entrepreneurship, health and wellness, artistic expression and music.

Bond Women’s Festival is all about bringing women together to make a difference and to ensure Chiang Mai is a place where women are inspired and empowered.

Expect a high-energy event with a range of different activities on women entrepreneurship, health and wellness, and artistic expression.

We will end the day with a music festival of the best female Djs in town. It will be the biggest party to start 2019 with nonstop dancing and music.

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